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The Greener Cleaner

LCCFM believes that ‘green cleaning’ and ‘hygienic cleaning’ are compatible goals. In addition to a comprehensive cleaning programme, we offer an environmentally conscious methodology that includes environmentallyfriendly products and equipment.

LCCFM has partnered with companies leading the environmental charge, such as Clover Chemicals and Numatic International, allowing us to integrate advanced green chemistry and cleaning technology into LCCFM’s renowned cleaning ability.

Our Approach includes:

Disinfectant cleaning products:
LCCFM's uses the ECOLABEL and TRECOS range of chemical solutions which maximise product performance without compromising human, environmental or material safety. We work in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders to reduce risk to people and the environment by preventing pollution. The programme focusses on combining chemical risk reduction and improvements in energy efficiency to make lasting, positive changes.
Micro-fibre cloths and flat mops are an important part of LCCFM's cleaning. Compared to cotton rags and paper towels that merely push dirt around instead of capturing it, Micro-fibre is an extremely effective cleaning material that removes dust, allergens and bacteria from surfaces without using chemicals and without cross-contamination. Micro-fibre is non-abrasive, can hold seven times its weight in liquids, and is safe to use on a variety of surfaces. It is also very durable and can be washed 300 to 500 times whilst retaining its effectiveness.
HEPA filtration Vacuums:
The UK Environmental Protection Agency estimates that air indoors can be two to five times worse than the air quality outside, and most Londoners spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Conventional commercial vacuums can return 40% of the dirt they pick up to the environment. The LCCFM Programme offers environmentally responsible, multi-filtration backpack vacuuming with 4 stage HEPA filtration to improve indoor air quality by removing 99.97% of germs and allergens (down to 0.3 microns).
String Mops vs. Flat-Mop Technology:
Water conservation is critical for sustainability and energy conservation. Conventional janitorial services use string mops and open buckets that waste water because the water becomes contaminated and needs to be disposed of and refilled.
The LCCFM approach uses a flat-mopping technology with a controlled dispensing system. The cleaning professional releases just enough clean water, plus solution, onto the surface to properly disinfect and remove dirt. Flat-mop technology is a no-dip system where the water and solution is never contaminated, so the entire bucket of water, plus disinfectant solution, is used in full.
By combining correct products, equipment and technologies LCCFM provides clients with an impressive, environmentally-conscious, science-based cleaning system, ensuring the well-being and safety of people and environment.